Saturday, 25 June 2016

Making a 28mm Normandy building.

A couple of lads who used to come to the 'Reivers' club have got into Bolt Action and they asked if we could do some Normandy buildings for them. They were researched using the internet and some very useful then and now photos. Also Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers  type films and programmes proved very useful. This model is bassed on a building from the latter.

All parts were made from Mdf.  This is what we came up with-

Four pieces make up the roof supports

Two dormer windows will slot into the roof.

3 parts make up the chimney.

The internal floor has a wall to make removing it easier. This is all the internal detail they wanted.

The windows were added to the walls before the walls were glued together.

Additional detail is added to the chimney.

The first of the roof sides is added to the frame.

The second is added.

Dormers are glued into place.

The chimney and dormer roof sections are then added.

The walls are glued together and added to the base.

The floor supports are glued into place in each corner.

Doors are postioned along with the ridge tiles and the two chimney pots to complete the model.

I have 14 Normandy buildings done for them and the lads are wanting a couple of specials like church, chateau or cafe types which i will get done soon. Fortunately they seem pretty pleased with them, so much so that they now want ruined versions too!!!!

A few of other buildings-


  1. Thanks lads, hopefully the others will pass muster too!!

  2. So you have a laser cutter? Those are nice buildings! You need to sell them.

    1. Yes, i've had one for years. These aren't even the best so i probably will if i can get some instructions done and there appears to be enough interest to justify the effort. Thanks for the comments.