Wednesday, 20 August 2014


 We had a game of SAGA at the club on Wednesday using my Normans and Vikings and Johns Anglo-Saxons.

The Battle was between a joint force of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons against a large force of Normans.

Darren and Tom took the Normans while Derek and John took the the other two factions.

The Vikings on the left and the Anglo-Saxons on the right.

The Normans.

Norman Crossbowmen.

Norman infantry.

Norman knights.

Anglo-Saxon Thegns with the Ealdormen and warlord behind them.

The Vikings.

Norman archers move forward and fire on their Viking counterparts.

Killing four men.

The Norman crossbows kill two Anglo-Saxon archers.

The armies converge.

The Anglo-Saxon archers fire on the Norman infantry.

And they kill three of them.

The Norman crossbowmen open fire on the Saxon archers.

Killing four.

The Norman archers fire on the Viking warriors.

Killing two.

The Norman warlord leads a unit of knights in a charge against the warriors.

The warriors are victorious killing two knights and only losing one of their own. The Normans are pushed back.

The face off.

The two remaining knights reengage the Viking warriors.

But they are slain by the mighty Vikings.

Two more Norman infantrymen are killed by Saxon arrows.

The second unit of Norman knights engages the Viking warlord and his Berserker bodyguards.

All the Berserkers are killed defending their leader but they kill two knights in the process.

The knights are pushed back.

The Norman leader engages the warlord but is defeated and pushed back as well.

The warlord is then attacked by a unit of Norman infantry and although he fights valiantly killing two of his foes he is overwhelmed and killed.

Seeing their warlord killed the remaining Viking forces flee from the battlefield.

We ran out of time at this point. We awarded the Normans the victory as with the Vikings gone they now outnumbered the Saxons 2 to 1.

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