Friday, 7 February 2014


We had a Wings of War game at the club on Wednesday using my planes.

WEe had a 2v2 dogfight between 2 Albatrosses and an SE5 and a Sopwith Camel. I took the Germans while Mick took the SE5 and Tom took the Camel.

The rules we used were ALWAYS ABOVE.

Both sides square off.

The SE5 dives to avoid being shot at.

While the SE5 attacks one Albatros the Camel takes the other one.

The black Albatros fires on the Camel but only damages the fabric.

The Camel fires at the Albatros and hits the pilot in the arm but he keeps fighting.

The SE5 nearly crashes into one of the Albatrosses but manages to evade.

The SE5 gets within range of the black Albatros but decides to wait for a better firing position.

The Albatros fires at the SE5 who is unable to fire back.

It his the SE5's engine which causes an oil leak.

The SE5's engine cuts forcing it into a glide.

The Camel and the Albatros nearly collide but narrowly miss each other.

The SE5 rapidly loses height.

The SE5 crashlands but the pilot survives and manages to escape back to his lines.

The Camel fires at the black Albatros but its gun jams after only one burst.

The Camel attempts to clear his stoppage as the Albatrosses close in.

The Albatrosses nearly crash into each other.

The black Albatros fires on the Camel but does not hit.

The Albatros fires again but fails to hit.

The other Albatros also fires at the Camel but only manages to scratch the paintwork he is now out of ammunition.

With one out of ammunition and another wounded the Germans decide to retreat.

A tactical victory for the Germans as they shot down the SE5 and a moral victory for the Allies as they drove off the Gerry's.

Next week we will probably be doing Napoleonic command again so Mick will be doing that report.

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