Monday, 3 February 2014


It was another trip down to York today for Vapnartak 2014. Myself and Mick arrived at about 11 o'clock and by then the venue was jam packed although it seemed to quieten by around three when we left. The organisers again put on a flea market in place of the bring and buy it was pretty busy when i arrived but most of the tables were empty by about 1 o clock. There was some interesting games on show and i managed to get pictures of some of them.
First of all my clubs game.
Border Riever Wargames Club- The Battle For Trafalgar Square 1984

The Bunker-War Of The Worlds

Not sure about this one.

North Hull Wargames Club-Early WW1

Yorkshire Renegades-Modern Day Afghanistan

Curteys Miniatures-Medieval Jousting Participation

Lance and Longbow Society-Battle Of Cravant

Leicester Phat Cats-Valley Of Tears Arab Israeli Wars

The League Of Extraordinary Kriegspielers-Battle Of Wake Island 1922

Some very impressive games there the War of the Worlds game was my favorite.

Unfortunately i only had about £100 to spend so all i purchased was some Pendraken Zulu War figures and the Warlord Games Black Powder Zulu war supplement.

Another very good show cant wait for next year.

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