Sunday, 26 January 2014

Napoleonic command.

We had our third game on Wednesday and this one was fought to a conclusion in little more than 2 hours from the time we got started. Definitely getting quicker! I'll put some notes on soon but in the meantime a report can be found on Neals Blog here-

The British.

Front Rank Rifleman

Perry 1st KGL Hussars


Front Rank

Front Rank Royal Artillery

The French

Front Rank left and Perry right.

Perry artillery

Foundry figures and GMB flags

From behind the French lines with the British deployed behind their ridge.

The French prepare to advance.

British skirmishers are thrown out beyond the crest of the ridge.

First disorder points on the French due to the threat of skirmishers.

The British also get a disorder point.

The French Grenadier brigade also get a disoredr also gets a disorder.

as does the right flank brigade

and the British

French left flank

The French columns climb the hill

The British line awaits the French on the reverse slope.

Another disorder on the British

and on the other brigade

The British send a courier to change the orders of the cavalry brigade. It will take 2 turns to arrive.

A British brigade pulls its skirmishers back while the other does not, a mistake.

The exposed skirmishers on the British left are threatened by all of the units in the French brigade.

French Dragoons threaten the British right flank

The British brigade on the left flank lose their initiative and will need to reduce the threat from their front in their next move.

On the other flank the disorder of the British increases as they are threatened by an infantry brigade and a cavalry brigade.

Disorder up to 3.

Change of orders in 1 more move.

The British left flank brigade pulls back.

On the other flank the French lose their initiative.

The British cavlry after their move following a change of orders.

The French withdraw from the threat.

but the other brigade advances

to the crest

The British once again lose the initiative on the left.

The left flanks of both sides pushed back.

The British cavalry brigade make the crucial move to outflank the French and relieve the pressure on the infantry.

The French flank column form square.

Close up of the British right.

The British ponder whether or not to charge their wavering opponents.

French disorder is now 4.

The British riflemen are enough to give the French cavalry cold feet and the lose the initiative and must withdraw away from the threat facing them.

French disorder is increasing alarmingly-

across the entire line.

but they come on in the same style.

faced by the usual thin red line.

French disorder levels are now becoming critical and will prove decisive.

Desperately the French artillery turn and prepare to be charged as the British cavalry redeploy.

French Grenadiers charge the British guns

and rout them.

On the right the British once again give ground.

Things are not looking good for the French right as they are enveloped by British cavalry to the flank and infantry, who have recovered their initiative, to the front.

The 14th Light Dragoons pin the French in square.

While the KGL prepare to charge the battery.

They charge home.

The British line charges the square.

and another charge home by a British line

The French are thrown back.

The withdrawal begins as the Grenadiers lose their nerve.

And now to the good bit!

The square loses 25% of its strength.

The battery routs and the French left wing must try and reduce the threat against it by withdrawing en-mass 

The cavalry poised to cut off the French escape route.

And that, as the say, is that!

A most enjoyable game for me and Neal. A chance for revenge for Tom and Derek tomorrow night when the Russians will be making their debut with these rules. Cant wait.

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  1. I take it back. They weren't poseurs in bearskins, they were shakos with inflated egos.

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    1. I see that URUK HAI on PMT is unimpressed by the lack of terrain - I weep for our inadequacy!

    2. Lets omit the terrain map tonight!