Saturday, 18 January 2014

28mm Napoleonic Command

Our second game using these rules this time using my  Peninsular war figures. This was a straightforward French attacking the Allies affair with a village on the left defended by the Portuguese and the British holding the centre and left. For the purposes of learning the basics the use of a village was an unnecessary complication we could have done without.

Me Neal and Dave took the Allies while Tom and Derek took the Garlic munchers. 
Allies on the left, French on the right. 

Allied centre and right. 

Allies won initiative and immediately threw out their skirmish screen. 

The cavalry advanced and after the French redeployment the cavalry charged their opponents. 

As the French retained the tactical initiative here the KGL were forced into an immediate retreat. In this picture we got the distance for that wrong. They were moved back the correct distance when we realised to the position shown in the next picture of the cavalry.

Brunswick Oels skirmishing.

KGL Hussars fall back to the correct position.after being repulsed by the French Dragoons

Now detached from the British Light Dragoons they begin to reform next to the ruined farmhouse.

The 14th are left to face the French

3 British squadrons face 4 French.

The French prepare to assault the town.

The combined Grenadier Brigade supports the assault on the town.

After the Allied redeployment phase the French assault on the town goes in.

Two French columns deal with the skirmishers.

Weight of numbers around the town is too much for the Portuguese defenders and the French gain a foothold

On the other flank the British cavalry defeat the French who lose the initiative for their next turn.

The 1st KGL rejoin the Brigade 

The British Brigade in the centre doesn't want to play.

The remaining two squadrons of French cavalry are becoming increasingly disordered and fall back. In these rules each time threat is assessed against a Brigade it gets +1 disorder. These can only be removed if no threat is assessed so disorder can accumulate fairly quickly on an opponent as long as the pressure is kept up.

The French columns enter the town to continue the assault.

The Grenadiers and a battery of supporting artillery.

French left centre advance.

While a unit of Dragoons recover their bottle.

and prepare to receive another Allied charge

Not much happening here!

French counter charge.

The French are defeated and lose another base.

and retreat leaving the British in control.

The French after their retreat.

The struggle for the town goes on.

The Allied cavalry ponder their next move.

The French left centre advance.

Several columns of French infantry are advancing on the positions held by the Portuguese Brigade.

The Grenadiers move to charge range.

The Portuguese line lose initiative for the next move due to the threat posed by the French brigades.

At this point we would have diced to see if Allied reinforcements had arrived to lend a hand to the hard pressed Portuguese but time was against us.

We got the rules for built up areas wrong with regard to enhanced units. It probably would not have made a difference but its another part of the learning curve negotiated. We will be doing another game of this on Wednesday but me and Carl will try and fit in a game of X-Wing tomorrow so a report on that will be next up and he will do the report on that one.

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  1. Ithought the redcoats behaved correctly in standing steady in the face of overwhelming odds!

  2. Ah right, just thought you were impersonating General Slade!

  3. Not quite Black Jack. When the 10th hussars were late to Sahagun because of his immensely long stirring speech - the one that ended "blood and slaughter - March!". He was also directly responsible for Wellington's "Galloping at everything" tirade:
    "I have never been more annoyed than by Slade's affair. Our officers of cavalry have acquired a trick of galloping at every thing. They never consider the situation, never think of manouevring before an enemy, and never keep back or provide for a reserve."
    Remind you of anyone last week bro' ? :)

    1. Yeah, Carl has been Googling him and reminded me of that incident.

  4. Beautiful pictures, great report, I love your minis and the village, very nice work!

    1. Thanks for the nice comments Phil. I do my best!