Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Battle Of The Denmark Strait

We had a WW2 sea battle game on Monday using Dave"sheepman" Huntley's ships.We did as you can see by the title the Battle Of The Denmark Strait between the Bismarck and the Prinz Eugen against the HMS Hood and the HMS Prince Of Wales.
Myself and Mick took the Germans while Tom took the Brits Dave was the umpire.The rules we used in this game were Naval Thunder.
HMS Prince Of Wales
HMS Hood

The Bismarck

Prinz Eugen

Starting positions with the Germans on the left and the Brits on the right.The Germans could achieve a draw by getting off the bottom right side of the table or a win by destroying the hood and escaping.

The Hood and the POW alter course toward the Germans.

The Prinz Eugen starts to make its way away from the battle but the Bismarck unexpectedly veers off and speeds towards the British ships.

The Bismarck fires its forward guns at the Hood destroying one of its main guns.

The Hood returns fire but only causes minimal damage.

The POW also fires but the results are the same as the Hood.

The Bismarck again fires this time at the POW and destroys one of its secondary turrets.

The Prinz Eugen opens fire on the Hood but its guns are not powerful enough to penetrate its armour \and only deals superficial damage.

The Hood attempts to fire on the Bismarck with is now moving in the opposite direction of the escape point but deals only minimal damage.

The Prinz Eugen fires at the Hood but fails to hit.

The Bismarck fires all its main guns on the Hood.

It hits and causes a large fire to start.

Having managed to put out the fire the Hood fires its forward guns on the Prinz Eugen but only minimal damage is caused.

It then fires its rear guns at the Bismarck.

It hits and starts a fire but it is immediately put out.

The Hood realising that the Prinz Eugen is having little effect against them it turns its attention to the Bismarck who seeing this starts to turn away.

 The ships prepare to exchange fire.

The Hood fires on the Prinz Eugen causing minor damage.

The Bismarck fires its rear guns on the POW hitting its engines causing its maximum speed to decrease.

The Prinz Eugen fires on the Hood and only causes superficial damage.

The Bismarck and the Prince Of Wales exchange broadsides with the POW's engines once again hit but one of the Bismarck's main guns is hit and destroyed.

The Hood fires on the retreating Prinz Eugen it penetrates its hull causing some flooding although not enough to sink it.

The Bismarck desperately attempts to escape the continuous bombardment by the Hood and the POW but it is badly damaged by this point.

The Bismarck fires and hits the Hood's engines and with its now superior speed moves to escape.

The Prinz Eugen escapes.

The Bismarck fires again on the POW but only causes minimal damage.The Prince Of Wales and the Hood return fire causing much damage.

The Bismarck having accumulated too much damage starts to take on water and capsizes and sinks.

With the Bismarck sunk and the Prinz Eugen badly damaged it was a victory for the allies although the Price Of Wales was badly damaged as well.

This was our last Monday as due to the low amount of members who could make it we have switched back to Wednesdays.

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  1. But there's a match on this Wednesday so that will cut the numbers down a bit on the first go!

  2. Well after watching the shower of proverbial in all honesty I should have ome to the club!