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After a couple of weeks break as people couldn't make it to the club we had a few games of Wings Of War on Monday using mine and Toms WW1 planes. 
The scenario for the first game was an Airco DH4 is going on a scouting mission escorted by a Sopwith Triplane.
Little do they they know that a Roland C II and a Albatross are on there own scouting mission coming in the opposite direction.

Mick took the Airco while i took the Sopwith, Tom took both the Roland and the Albatross.

 A lack of communication nearly turns deadly as the Airco flies in front of the Sopwith but due to some excellent flying by the Sopwith they narrowly miss each other.

The Roland breaks away from the Albatross without noticing the danger.

The Roland spots the enemy but is to far away to alert the Albatross.

The Airco and Sopwith manage to get back into formation.

The Albatross flies back to the Roland who signals him about the threat neither the Airco or the Sopwith have noticed the Germans yet.

The Sopwith finally spots the Germans.

He quickly veers ofF to confront them but in his haste he forgets to warn the Airco.

The Germans attempt to evade the Sopwith.

The Airco scouts its objective but sees nothing of importance.

The Roland's rear gunner opens fire on the Sopwith but misses.

The Sopwith replies with its own hail of bullets but also misses the target.

The Roland once again fires on the Sopwith but again causes no damage.

Both the Roland and the Albatross head towards the Airco.

The Airco's rear gunner finally notices the Germans and warns the pilot.

The Sopwith desperately tries to assist the Airco while the Germans close in.

The Sopwith tries to get into a firing position.

The Albatross closes in on the Airco.

The Roland and Sopwith almost crash into each other.

The Airco turns to fly back to base as the Sopwith attempts to cover it.

The Roland once again fires on the Sopwith but only scratches the paintwork.

The Albatross closes in on the Airco but the Sopwith has other ideas and opens fire and hits the engine but does no serious damage to it.

The Roland pilot tries to get into a position  so his gunner can fire.

He succeeds but the gunner misses.

The Roland starts to move towards the Airco as the Sopwith continues to harass the Albatross.

The Sopwith tries to keep up as the Germans close in on the Airco.

The Roland moves behind the Airco but its rear gunner opts not to fire.

Realising they have used all of their ammunition the Roland breaks off.

But the Albatross continues the pursuit.

After a moments pause to decide whether to go for the retreating Roland or continue after the Albatross he chooses the latter.

The Airco attempts evasive manoeuvres to throw off the Albatross.

Seeing the Airco getting away the Albatross turns his attention to the Sopwith they fly by each other giving each other dirty looks as they prepare for a showdown.

They start to fly away from each other.

The two planes turn and head straight at each other.

The Sopwith turns away and the Airco decides to return to help.

The Roland successfully escapes.

Seeing the Sopwith turn away the Airco changes his mind and turns away.The Albatross manages to fire on the Sopwith but only damages the fabric.

.The Sopwith attempts an immelman and opens fire on the Albatross but does no damage.

The Airco successfully escapes.

The Albatross retreats.

But decides one last attempt to destroy the Sopwith.

They both fly accross each others paths and crash.The Sopwiths controls are damaged making it unable to turn left while the Albatross's wings are destroyed and it plummets to the ground.

Victory to the allies

The scenario for the second game was a Morane Saulnier Type N is on its way back from a scouting mission but it is being pursued by a Pfalz D III and a Fokker D.VII. A passing Sopwith Triplane spots them and moves to assist him.

 I took the Pfalz.

Tom took the Fokker.

While Mick took the Saulnier and the Triplane.

The Germans close in on the Saulnier.

The Sopwith tries desperately to help.

The Fokker spots the Sopwith and moves to intercept it.

The Pfalz gets on the tail of the Saulnier and opens fire but only causing minimal damage.

Seeing the Saulnier under fire the Sopwith moves to assist.

He manages to get into range and fires but no damage.

The Fokker turns to help his wing man BUT.

The Sopwith again fires on the Pfalz.

It hits the Spars and and the Pfalz breaks apart.

Enraged the Fokker fires on the Saulnier but causes no damage.

The Saulnier manages to get behind the Fokker and opens fire only hitting some fabric.

The Fokker manages to get both the Sopwith and the Saulnier into his sights and decides to fire on the Sopwith but causes no damage.

Both the Sopwith and the Saulnier return fire and unbelievably both miss every shot.

The Saulnier starts to move away from the battle.

But the Fokker pursues and destroys it gaining some revenge for his wing man.

The Sopwith fires on the Fokker wanting his own revenge but misses.

 Now out of ammunition the Sopwith attempts to escape.

The Fokker attempts to give chase.

But the Sopwith is too fast and manages to escape.

Victory for the Germans as they completed their main mission to destroy the scout plane.

Two very enjoyable games with the first taking 1 hour and a half to finish and the second half an hour.

The rules we used were the clubs own rules ALWAYS ABOVE.

Next week we will be doing 28mm Peninsular war Napoleonics.

There will be an update on some painting projects hopefully on Sunday when the basing is complete. We also intend to feature some scratch built terrain projects in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. We have done duplicates of many of these and will have some for sale on ebay in order to help fund more toy purchases.

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