Sunday, 17 November 2013

We had a Wild West game on Monday using the Legends of the Old West ruleset
The Scenario

A leader of a local gang of outlaws has been caught and is to be escorted to the to the Courtroom/Hotel for trial and naturally his posse arnt to fond of the idea.
The prison wagon waiting for the prisoner.

The Courtroom on the left.

The Earp brothers escort the prisoner to the wagon.

Virgil prepares to drive the wagon.

Suddenly a rifle shot is heard and a bullet whizzes past Virgils head.

He immediatley takes cover behind the wagon with Wyatt and the prisoner while Morgan who had gone ahead to check if the coast was clear turns to help his brothers.

The rifleman comes out of the building to get a better view.

Two outlaws come out of the building closest to Morgan.

But before they can fire he retreats out of view.

Wyatt and Virgil load up the prisoner.

 An outlaw bursts from the Land Agents building.

While one of his comprades takes position by the Undertakers. 

Morgan takes out one of the outlaws. 

The prison wagon prepares for the short trip to the courtroom. 

More bandits emerge. 

An outlaw is surprise to find the townsfolk emerging in his rear to assist the Earps! 

 Additional townsfolk ready to help.

As firing intensifies more outlaws break cover. 

The advance on the jail gathers pace with the locals in hot pursuit firing to no effect. 

One of them is not too keen to help. 

Good cover is afforded by the wagons. 

while the baddies gang up on a helpless citizen. 

Our helpless citizen has an outlaws 6 gun emptied into him! 

The victorious outlaw starts the process of reloading 

His buddy attempted the same but is left wanting in the Gunslinging department and frantically tries to reload. 

Unable to reload quickly enough an outlaw is attacked by two townfolk. 

He is beaten but manages to escape with his life for now. 

Townsfolk take cover behind the wagon. 

Fire is exchanged with the Earps through the bars of the jail. 

The outlaw runs for his life as he is pursued by four townspeople. 

As 2 outlaws attack the jail another 3 are taken in the rear by Morgan. 

Morgan takes fir from 2 outlaws and retreats into the Undertakers. 

leaving the outlaws free to attack the jail. 

 The outlaws continue to assault the jail exchangeing fire with the Earps inside. 

The townsfolk continue to pursue the outlaw who turns and attempts to reload. 

 Virgil manages to kill one of the outlaws outside the jail.

The outlaw manages to reload but is gunned down before he can get a shot off. 

 Positions at the end of the game the outlaws had the bank surrounded although the Earps were pretty secure inside and the townsfolk were coming to help so it is likely the outlaws would have lost this one had we had more time.

A very enjoyable game.

On Monday we will be having our Annual General Meeting but we are hoping to get a game of wings of war in afterwards.

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