Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spartacus-Rebel Update

Following on from the update on the Roman army its now the turn of the slave army. We now have enough troops to have a game of Hail Caesar although we still have a similar amount of unpainted stuff to increase the size of both armies. We have given the slave army some cavalry even though there were only small numbers of them in reality. Many of these figures can be used for the Romans in battles against other opponents but that's a project for the future. 

The slave army consists of 6 warbands, 2 cavalry units, 1 unit of archers, 1 light infantry unit ans 3 skirmisher bases.



Skirmishers armed with slings and bows. 

Spartacus in captured Roman attire. 

Spartacus and his subordinates.

Warband using Pendraken old style figures

Another warband using mainly the excellent new style figures from Pendraken

Mixed old and new style figures make up this warband. 

 The two cavalry units.

Next on the painting table will be 120 Roman legionaries to complete a full Legion of Pendraken figures then more warbands and a couple of units of trained slaves.  


  1. ...and so´s my wife!!
    Great looking army.

  2. Well done, love the archers and the slingers...and Spartacus!

  3. Thanks for the comments lads, they went into action last Monday for the first time.