Friday, 9 August 2013


Because of work requirements we have decided to change the club night from Wednesday to Monday this is the report from our first Monday game.
We had a game of SAGA using my Vikings and Normans.
The Normans are attacking a Viking village.
The Normans-Tom
The Vikings-Myself and John
The Umpire-Mick
The Vikings had a unit of archers a unit of levies and a unit of hearth guard.

The Normans had a unit of archers a unit of levies and a unit of cavalry.

The Viking archers prepare for the attack by taking cover behind the stable walls.

The Normans split into two groups with the warlord the archers and the cavalry going down the main road while the levies move down a side road.

The Norman levies move into the woods while the archers move up the main road.

The Viking warlord and his hearth guard move out of the village to confront the Normans.

The Norman archers prepare to fire.

But Odin is with the Vikings and uses his power to break the strings on their bows and forces them to retreat.

The Viking levies follow their warlord toward the Normans.

The warlord and his hearth guard charge into the Norman levies killing six of them but losing two of their own in the process.

The remaining two levies retreat back to the main force.

The archers mend their bows and move back into the fray.

The Vikings retreat back to the village.

The Norman forces prepare to attack the Vikings.

The Vikings prepare to receive them.

The Norman cavalry and warlord charge the Viking levies.

The Viking levies manage to kill all of the cavalry but they do not kill the warlord and they lose three men in the process.

The remaining levies charge the Norman warlord but two of them are killed and they only manage to wound the warlord.The Viking archers also attempt to kill him but once again he manages to survive.

We finished here we gave the Vikings the victory with both the Norman cavalry and the levies gone the Vikings would not have to much problem killing the remaining Normans.

Next week is another game of SAGA.

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