Thursday, 15 August 2013

Crimean war project

I have been wanting to do the Crimean war for more years than i care to remember. More recently the dilemma has been 'what scale?' My preferred scale is, of course, 28mm but the thought of having to paint hundreds more figures on top of my various Napoleonic projects was a bit daunting. Having painted a fair number of 10mm figures for Carl's Slave revolt armies (update on that next when i get the basing finished) i decided to go for 10mm to get a game on the table before the Grim Reaper comes a calling!   
Having decided on scale which range do i go for. After checking the various manufacturers and discovering Old Glory don't do any Crimean war 10mm stuff the field was narrowed down to Pendraken or Magister Militum. Now most of the Spartacus stuff is from Pendraken and a nicer pair of lads you would be hard pressed to find. BUT i just couldn't make out much detail on the figures going by the photographs on the site whereas the MM stuff looked quite good (they really need to do something about their website, its the slowest i have come across in recent years and is very off putting). A couple of other lads from the club are also using MM so i purchased a brigade  pack at Claymore containing 4 battalions and 3 guns.
To start off  i am doing Campbells Brigade  of the 3rd Division at the battle of the Alma-
1st Regiment
38th Regiment
    50th Regiment    
The first unit took 2 nights to paint up so the Brigade should be finished quickly enough vindicating scale choice. Once this is done a Russian Brigade will be purchased and then it will be a case of alternating until we have enough for a game of Black Powder.
The first completed unit- The 1st Regiment
A close up, best i can do with an Iphone!

As for flags i have emailed Graham at GMB Designs and he has agreed to downsize some of his Crimean War flags so an order will be going in there.

Next up will be the 38th.


  1. Very good job mate, I must say I'm sill tempted to do 10mm Naps!

  2. Can you imagine all that piping on the French!

  3. Well done. I'll soon start a Crimean war project too, in10mm.


  4. Good luck with it Seb, you know it makes sense!