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We had a game of 20mm Afghanistan on Saturday using Darren's figures.

Tom and Mick were the British while I was the Taliban.

The British had three objectives
1.Capture or kill Mullah Omar
2.Find the Taliban weapons cache
3.Protect the convoy

The Taliban objectives were.
1.Protect Mullah Omar.
2.Destroy any convoys attempting to reach the British base.
3."Remove" the British from this region.
4.Keep the weapons cache hidden.

Darren was the umpire.

The British started in their camp while there was a Afghan National Army unit at a checkpoint waiting for the convoy. The Taliban had to roll to see what edge they came on.Mullah Omar was in the building closest while the Taliban mortars were hidden in the bushes at the top left of the picture.

A simple farmer and his flock(or is he).

The ANA checkpoint.

A Taliban unit arrives on motorbikes.

The British move out on patrol.

A Taliban unit moves toward the British camp through some tall grass.

The townspeople go about their business.

A Taliban unit approaches the ANA checkpoint.

The ANA officer and his subordinate head off into town.

The Taliban on motorbikes are shot at by sniper and machine gun fire with one being killed and another wounded.

The British patrol continues toward town.

Another unit of Taliban move towards the base.

More Taliban move toward the ANA.

The Taliban continue toward the British base but one of them strays into a gap in the fields and is quickly killed by sniper fire.

The ANA continue into the town.

A javelin fires at the Taliban unit approaching the ANA checkpoint but it's shot goes flying over.

A Taliban unit stops just short of the edge of the tall grass to avoid being seen.

The ANA are attacked by Taliban who have just come from behind a building.

One ANA solider is killed.

Another two Taliban on motorbikes are killed by sniper and SA80 fire while the remaining ones retreat.

The ANA return fire killing two Taliban and wounding a third.

Noticing the increased Taliban presence the British call in reinforcements.A Chinook carrying a QRF team arrives escorted by an Apache attack helicopter.

Another Taliban unit attacks the ANA killing two of them.

Hearing the gunfire behind them the ANA officer decides to retreat back to the British base.

The British squad leader and his interpreter moves to question one of the townspeople.

The Taliban unit in the trenches opens fire on the ANA killing another two.

Whats left of the other Taliban unit opens fire.

And they kill another ANA solider.

The remaining ANA open fire and kill another Taliban.

The Apache spots a group of Taliban near the base and opens fire.

It manages to kill three and wound one.

The last remaining two of that unit open fire on the British patrol and wound one of them.

The last of the Taliban unit is killed by sniper fire.

The Chinook comes in for a landing.

The British start to question the townsfolk.

The British patrol continues into town while the wounded man retreats to base.

Another ANA soldier is killed by AK-47 fire.

While a Taliban fighter is killed in return.

The ANA officer takes one of the townsfolk in for questioning.

A British soldier is wounded by mortar fire.

Another unit of Taliban comes on and moves through the grass.

The QRF unload off the Chinook as does Kate Adie and her crew.

After searching him the ANA take a suspected undercover Taliban in for interrogation.

The remaining Taliban behind the building retreat but not before killing another ANA soldier there is only one ANA soldier left at this point.

The Taliban fire an RPG at the remaining ANA soldier and he is killed in the explosion.

The patrol starts to inspect the town.

The Chinook takes off.

A Harrier commences a bombing run where they suspect the Taliban mortars are.

They manage to destroy one of the two mortars.

Another unit of Taliban motorbikes moves towards the checkpoint.

The QRF move into the tall grass.

The harrier attempts another bombing run but this one is off target and accidentally kills a civilian.

A Taliban unit moves to attack the British moving through the town but they have little effect an are quickly killed by the British in the base.

The motorbikes continue past the still burning checkpoint.

The first few vehicles of a convoy come into view of the Taliban.

They open fire and an RPG destroys an armoured jeep.The gunner is killed in the explosion but the driver and the passenger escape unharmed.

The mastif opens up on the Taliban and kills two of them.

A cart moves through town with the patrol keeping a close eye on it.

The QRF continue in  their search for the enemy mortars.

Two more units of Taliban move toward the convoy.

The Mastiff once again opens fire on the Taliban in the trenches killing all but one.

The trucks open fire on the motorbikes and kill a driver and his rider.

Another group of Taliban take cover in some bushes.

The Apache returns and does a strafing run on the Taliban who have just come on.

 It kills one and injures two.

The Taliban dismount their motorbikes and take cover in the checkpoint.

They attempt to fire their RPG's at the trucks but they accidentally wound each other.

The Apache once again strafes the hiding Taliban fighters.

And it kills another one.

The civilian that was taken in for questioning identifies a Taliban spotter and he is quickly taken out by a sniper.

The Apache kills the remaining Taliban hidden in the bush.

Three more Taliban are killed by the British patrol when they come round a corner.

Taliban reinforcements arrive.

The Apache strafes the Taliban reinforcements killing three of them.

A Taliban unit moves to follow the QRF.

More Taliban reinforcements.

The remaining Taliban in the checkpoint are killed.

 British infantry debus out of the Mastiff's.

The Apache spots a DSHK and 2 Taliban fighters it opens fire and kills them all.

Having searched the town the British surmised that Mullah Omar must be in the compound near the checkpoint.

The British search the compound.

The convoy continues toward the British base.

Another unit of Taliban appears and kills a British soldier who was standing by the checkpoint.

The Harrier makes a bombing run on the Taliban reinforcements.

But it misses.

3 Taliban fighters open up on the British patrol and wound the squad leader.

The British continue to search the compound.Mullah Omar is trapped.

The convoy is in the clear.

The QRF are closing in on the mortar.

The remaining Taliban are fighting a losing battle trying to save Mullah Omar.

At this point we finished with the British well on their way to victory although they had lost two men and four were wounded.

They would likely have lost more if i hadn't lost my DSHK but unfortunately Darren(the umpire) "suggested" the best place to put it in the courtyard without reminding me that the Apache had heat sensor technology and as soon as i put them where he said he went and told Mick and Tom where it was.

It was an enjoyable game if you were the British although i managed to kill a British soldier witch i hadn't been able to do in the last four games.

The rules we used were CONTACT.

Next up on Wednesday Vietnam.

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  1. Fantastic report and photos. The terrain, figures and helicopters look terrific!

  2. Thanks Sid. Darren is our ww2 and modern specialist and puts a lot of effort into it.

  3. Very enjoyable report thanks. Those stands for the aircraft are very effective.