Sunday, 5 May 2013

We had a game of world war 2 20mm on Wednesday using the Battleground rules.
Operation market garden 1944 a Horsa glider has flown off course and crashed. The survivors have moved to a nearby church to await reinforcements.The Germans have seen the crash and sent a force to investigate.
The Battlefield

The Germans consisting of 1 unit of regular German infantry.1 unit of Waffen SS and 2 Panther tanks.

The British force consisting of 1 unit of British airborne troops 2 Piat teams. A jeep with mounted twin vickers machine guns.A 3 inch mortar and a 17pounder anti tank gun.

The objective.

          "I was wondering where that went".A captured British jeep scouts ahead of the main German force.

A German Panther moves up the road.

The British mortar fires at the Panther but is off target hitting the road behind the tank.

The German infantry dismount the tank and take cover behind some hedge.

A second Panther tank moves along the road.

The mortar fires at the German infantry hitting and killing two men.

The second Panther goes off road and the SS disembark.

British casualties.

The 17 pounder opens up on the Panther as it moves along the road.

 The shot hits the engine and slightly damages it making it unable to move. The shot also kills the tank commander and the radio operator.

The 17 pounder fires again this time hitting the ammo cache engulfing the tank in a huge explosion.

The second Panther fires at the church where they suspect a spotter is hiding.  They succeed in killing him.

The jeep fires its double vickers machine guns at the SS hiding behind the tank.

Killing one German.

And making another run away he is nearly killed by a stray mortar round.

The mortar then fires at the mg hiding behind the tank killing him and fires a second round onto the last German next to the tank.

Killing him.

The Panther then fires at the jeep destoying it.

The 17 pounder fires a HE round at the German infantry killing one and wounding another.

British infantry behind the church wall fire at the SS troopers next to the treeline killing two of them.

The mortar finishes off the wounded German behind the hedge.

The panther fires at the infantry behind the wall killing 3.

The last German mg team fires at the British.

Killing two more.

The Germans behind the hedgerow fire at the 17 pounder killing all but two crew.

And making one of them run away.

The last German mg team is attacked by the mortar losing the ammo carrier.

As it was 10 o'clock we finished here the result being a draw because both sides lost pretty much the same amount of men. But considering the British were stuck in enemy territory the Germans would have likely got reinforcements.

Next up on Wednesday we are doing a practice run of the wild geese game we are taking to Carronade.

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  1. A great game and great looking terrain and figures, thanks for that!

  2. Some splendid miniatures and AFVs there, well done!